Thursday, September 20, 2012

Manga: Chapter 677 (Spoilers)


You should already know that One Piece is just that good on SJ Alpha.

Jimbei confronts Caribou.

A meeting is arranged between Hawkins, Apoo and Kid's crews to form an alliance.

Team Luffy, Smoker and Tashigi break free of their imprisonment.

The Straw Hats, G5 Men, Kiemon and Brownbeard reunite inside Caesar's lab.

This chapter starts off with Kid, as we see where his real place is in the arc. Kid has invited Apoo and Hawkins to his hideout to form an alliance. This meeting of powers feels similar to some of the overarching plots we have gotten in the past. It is clear that whatever happens between Apoo, Hawkins, and Kid will not resolve by the end of this arc but will instead play a major role later on in the story. That is if Killer can keep these three men in line.

It is interesting to note that based on what we have seen, there looks to be a strong parallel to Kid and Killer with Luffy and Zoro. Both Kid and Luffy are hotheaded and are quick to act when provoked.  Killer and Zoro look to be the levelheaded side of the that keeps their captains from making reckless decisions. They may not hold a named position on the crew but both of them do act like first mates. The two captains still do reckless things but their 'first mates' keep them tamed when the situation calls for it.

There is nothing much for me to say about this chapter. It was funny and set our heroes up for some action. The best part is that it was all in One Piece style. You got your humor with Luffy giving Law a headache due to his escape from the cage and Sanji grabbing Nami's bust for a boost in speed.

I do admit that it felt a bit cheap that Law just happen to get the handcuffs that were not made out of sea-prism stone. What Law did would have been more believable if everybody else didn't have sea-prism stone cuffs as well. Then again, maybe they didn't and he simply use his powers to swap them to keep them from using their abilities in the cell. If anything, it was most likely Law who gave that note to Chopper in the previous chapter.

Things are picking up in this chapter as we are reaching a clash between the Straw Hats, G5 Troops, and Caesar's group. Then in the background you have Kid making an alliance with two other Supernovas. These two things may not cross paths in the near future but you know who will: Luffy and Caesar. The crew is back together and we are passed the point where the Straw Hats get defeated in the arc. Now it is time for some butts to be kicked and awesome to be made.

Til next time true believers.


  1. The one thing I can't help wondering is if you look at the new bounties of the Three Supernova's making an alliance. Scratchmen Apoo now has a bigger bounty than Hawkins does. That's odd, considering Hawkins was the third highest bounty of the 11 Rookies 2 years ago, and last we saw Apoo, he was running away like a lunatic from a horde of pigs and gravity-less island. What the heck has he been doing that got his bounty so high?

    I had a feeling Luffy was going to pull the "I-was-able-to-break-out-the-whole-time shtick, especially when we saw his teacher, Rayleigh, do the same thing 2 years ago.

    1. I did notice it. Just didn't feel like saying anything about it. I do admit that that Apoo's new bounty is a strange twist of events. I am going have to guess that he pulled a Luffy and did something to make him noticeable by the Government. I have always felt that Apoo was a stronger character then what we originally saw based on how he was able to attack Kizaru back in Saboady. So we can guess that he does have the ability to take on one Admiral.

      Well, Law had to help but I think it would have been pretty easy seeing that it was just chainmill and now SeaPrism.