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Manga: Chapter 678 (SPOILERS!)

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Continuing from last time, the G5 Marines are mad at Brownbeard and the others for blowing a hole in their only defense against the deadly gas. They immediately patch up the hole. The environment around the lab begins to be encased and one of Caesar Clown's transponder snails stares intently. Brook uses his soul to check what has become of outside the lab. He is certain that they would've died if the hole wasn't closed. Zoro simply shrugs it off by saying "OK" but of course the Marines are annoyed and aim their guns at the pirates.

Back with Luffy and the others, Law tells Smoker and Tashigi not to get in their way. Nami calls out to Law and demands him to switch back her and Sanji's body. Law does so and Nami quickly figures out that Sanji must've stripped her body since shes wearing a different coat and promptly punches him...I knew this would happen.

Hindsight isn't kind to you Sanji

Law shouts to everyone in order to inform them that the only way to escape from the gas is to find a door with "R Building 66" written on it. They have only two hours to take care of business here. So the party splits up with Luffy rushing off to beat and kidnap Caesar, Kinemon and the Straw Hats to find and rescue his son as well as the other children, while Smoker and Tashigi also look for the children as well as the R-66 door. As if last week wasn't an indication enough, things are really starting to pick up in this arc. 

While the G5s are eager to capture the Straw Hats, Smoker orders to Tashigi to lead the troops since Smoker wants to go after Vergo. Tashigi offers to go with him since Vergo is dangerous but Smoker needs her to protect the troops and help the children. I like this, it shows that Smoker does care about Tashigi in his own way.

Seriously, this page is a thing of beauty and awesomeness

Back with the Straw Hats, Usopp informs Zoro of Luffy's previous defeat by Caesar. This prompts Zoro to shout to Luffy that he needs to take this more seriously since the New World is truly beginning here. Luffy seems surprised at first but insures Zoro that he won't let his guard down anymore.  He runs into some of Caesar's guards and manages to avoid bullet fire. The chapter ends with Luffy counterattacking with a new move: Gum Gum UFO. Luffy's new attack makes Zoro seem perturbed and once again says to take this seriously.

This is another one of those "Setting up the big battle" chapters which are typically average in my opinion but this one was actually pretty good because everyone has been given a purpose. Again, this is showing Luffy's growth. Two years ago he probably wouldn't have listened and charged in without thinking of a strategy until much later on in the fight. Sure, he uses a silly attack to fight off the guards but maybe this is because Luffy will only take this seriously when he actually fights Caesar himself. He can't be using his big attacks just on anyone can he?

Another great piece of advice from Zoro

Not much development from anyone else, with the possible exception of Smoker's trust in Tashigi, but instead we did get a lot of funny moments. The chapter was very well drawn, especially that 3-way panel of each group running off to their own objectives. I don't really have any complaints about this one, it did feel fast to me but maybe its because the pacing was just that good. Looking forward to the big rematch with Luffy and Caesar, as well as Kinemon hopefully finding his son and any other fights that the Straw Hats or the G5 Marines get into.

Thats all I have to say about this chapter. Keep reading each week, because I've got a good feeling about how this arc will conclude. Remember, keep watching the skies...there may be a rubber boy up in the air...

Someone needs to draw Luffy doing this...IN SPAAAAAAACE

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