Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Manga: Chapter 679 (SPOILERS!)

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We start this week's installment with Caesar Clown, cackling away because Punk Hazard has been completely covered in the Land of the Dead gas. He notices that theres no Marines or Straw Hats around. Vergo quickly determines that they must have escaped. He wants to go after Trafalgar Law and may even have to kill him depending on his intentions.

A soldier pops in and informs Caesar that Luffy and the others are moving deeper within the building. Our little spy, Chopper, takes the opportunity to duck out of the room with knowledge of the drug plus a sedative in his hooves. He tries to go somewhere else. By the way, Monet seems to have noticed Chopper but doesn't do or say anything. Did she write the note or is Chopper not worth her time? Hmm.

Chopper totally needs to be the next James Bond

Caesar thinks that the prisoners will try to escape the lab so he orders that the passage between Buildings A and B to be blocked. Not only that, but because the prisoners are in Building A, he orders the wall in there to be destroyed so that they'll succumb to the Land of the Dead gas. He even disregards the lives of his own guards just for the sake of showing his experiment to the brokers. Again, he's such an arse. Still can't wait until Luffy kicks his butt. Vergo says that he'll go after Law and Smoker because he'll also be in trouble if they escape.

Back in Building A, Luffy continues to kick down the guards in his way and reaches the passage between Buildings A and B which is starting to close.  Meanwhile, Zoro and the others cut down the G5 Marines because they're in the way. Zoro eventually gets blocked by Tashigi. This long awaited fight will have to wait because Tashigi makes getting the Building B a bigger priority. Some nice growth there, I was expecting Tashigi to go after Zoro without a doubt but her concern for her men is more important to her. As the gate continues to close, everyone picks up the pace to get through quickly. Outside, a cannon is fired at the wall so the gas starts to seep in.
Oda, you are spoiling us with these well drawn and AWESOME action scenes

The Straw Hats and some Marines manage to get through along with Tashigi who was thrown in. Tashigi tries to help the rest of her men but its too late since the gate is closed too tightly and the Mrines on the other side have already been petrified by the gas. They even give their captain the thumbs up which leaves Tashigi in tears. I've got to admit, this actually made me sad too. I was not on the verge of tears like Tashigi but still, you've got to admire their loyalty. The chapter ends with Caesar looking on and laughing once again because he won't allow anyone to escape.

Unfortunately this was another chapter where not a lot happened. I can still appreciate the awesome attack scenes with Luffy and Zoro's group as well as the development Tashigi managed to get, otherwise this chapter is another one of those that is just setting up for bigger stuff later. I only really liked the art in the brief attack scenes as well as that moment when the Straw Hats narrowly dive through the gate. Also, the ending was pretty emotional and the pacing was decent because it never felt like a chore while reading, but this was otherwise pretty average.

Man, poor Tashigi isn't getting a break is she?

I'm sure Oda has more up his sleeve for the eventual confrontations that our characters need to face like fights with Caesar and Vergo, finding Kinemon's son and hopefully more surprises. So I'm still hyped for the rest of the arc and I hope that the rest of you are as well. See you all next time!

Vergo's quirkiness is off the scale!


  1. It's sad to say, but Tashigi is possibly one of the most unfortunate characters in the entire series. If you chronicle everything she has ever done, she has never won a single fight (on screen), yet for some reason, her subbordinance keep rooting for her. Her scenes amount to getting her ass kicked by Zoro, getting her ass kicked by Robin, crying about getting her ass kicked by Robin, showing up for a bit in Marineford and doing nothing of significant importance, getting her ass kicked by Law, getting her ass kicked by Luffy while in Smoker's body, and now crying over losing her men.

    No real crowning achievements at all. Has she made any leway on collecting all those swords, which was her dream when we were introduced to the character?

    1. Tashigi...She is a character that you want good things to happen to her and wish she was better. It just that everytime she gets a chance, Oda just pushes her back down. Marineford was probably the best she has ever done but those were against no-name pirates. It is just like what would have happen to Nami in the last arc.

      I could go on about how Tashigi is being pushed down but that is for the next review.