Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Manga: Chapter 680 (SPOILERS)

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Jimbei is running away from Caribou's crew in order to keep them from reuniting.

Team Brownbeard is intercepted by a dragon.

Tashigi and the G5 Marines are attacked by Vergo. Sanji comes to Tashigi's aide.

Luffy and Smoker finds Caesar and Momet.

Let start off this review with something that I dislike: Tashigi getting beaten so easily by Vergo. I know that Oda just wants to show how powerful Vergo is but like that? Tashigi just swung at Vergo and he simply swatted at her as if she was a fly. It would have been better if Tashigi had swung and Vergo dodged it before knocking her down. That way it at least looked that Tashigi had a chance. Tashigi was able to handle New World pirates so that should be an indication of her strength.

Tashigi has always been unfortunate when it came to her battles such as with Robin back in Alabasta. Still, she had to improve during the last two years to at least be able to take a hit. The worst part is that it feels like Oda has been mistreating his female characters ever since Fishman Island. Note that Nami fought fodder characters and Robin didn't even fight a New Fishman Pirate Officer. Then you had Sanji come in and save Tashigi from Vergo's finishing blow. It just felt like another blow to Oda's female characters.

Nonetheless, a fight between Vergo and Sanji should prove to be interesting. Both characters have a good grasp of the CP9's Six Powers. The interesting thing to note is that Vergo has armament abilities similar to Luffy. If that is true then it would mean that this is a common ability of those who use Armament Haki. We have seen how Luffy has incorporated Armament Haki with his abilities. Let see how the Marines incorporate it with their techniques. A mixture of two styles into one.

It is interesting to note how Oda wrote the G5 men's response to Vergo's betrayal. They do not believe that this is the Vergo that defended them and it could be felt in their words. Could this be foreshadowing that Vergo will return to G5 with his rank intact and with Smoker not revealing Vergo's true colors. It would put Vergo into an interesting bind with Smoker watching his every move and being around the idiotic G5 men.

On the other side of the lab, you have Luffy and Smoker confronting Caesar and Momet. The more we go into this arc, the more see Caesar unraveling. He tries desperately to look as if he he has control. Caesar goes as far as to put Vergo at risk. He may be a weapon genius but he is not a logistic genius.

Will Caesar fall like the great Julius Caesar will he actually pull something off? Momet must be looking from the side and wondering what Caesar is thinking based on what he has done so far. I won't be surprise if he decided to flood the whole complex with Land of the Dead just to kill Luffy. This is the second time that Luffy was able to land a surprise hit on Caesar in the arc. Caesar won't like that.

Everybody is trying to run away from something. You have a dragon running away from Vergo. G5 men running away from Vergo. Straw Hats running away from deadly gas. Let see if Caesar is going to try to run away from Luffy's fist.

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