Thursday, October 18, 2012

Manga: Chapter 682 (SPOILERS)

And your weekly One Piece should be coming from!

Caribou is delivered to the G5 Marine Base. (Cover story)

Law arrived to where the SAD is located.

Vergo contacts Doflamingo concerning Law.

Sanji joins with Tashigi and the G5 Soldiers.

Brook, Kitemon, Nami and Usopp defeat a dragon.

Chopper enters Monster Point to subdue the experimented children.

 Required Law image for review

An interesting  chapter of One Piece this time around. First off, you have Jimbei dropping off Caribou on the doorstep of G5. It looks as if we are going to see the infamous barbaric ways of G5. If you look in the background, you can see that they are preparing the fire already for Caribou.

I wonder if that chain around Caribou's neck is made out of Seaprism Stone. That would explain why he hasn't escaped.

Not Sabo

Moving on to the chapter, whatever Law has planned has Doflamingo concern. Law did say that he wanted to change the New World. Was that a hint at how much control Doflamingo has within the New World? We only saw a little of Doflamingo's influence back in Paradise. (First half of the Grand Line) This could mean that he has greater influence in the New World. If Law and Luffy succeed in this plan then Doflamingo may end up taking a heavy blow. This would put the Joker in a position that we have never seen from him before. Doflamingo was a dark character before but he could show us darker shades as the story progresses. Doflamingo maybe in the black market for the laughs but he still has to worry about profits. 

All Law needs is to get Caesar in the same room as him. Either Luffy will do that or Caesar may end up going there himself. Once that happens, Law can set his plan into motion. There must be a reasonable chance of that happen which is why Doflamingo is taking measurements to make sure that doesn't happen.

This chapter did introduce several characters but I would like to focus on the maid assassin, Baby 5. She has the ability to product weapons from her body. That ability is too interesting to belong to some side character. Baby 5 also has personal history with Doflamingo which would be worth visiting later on in the future. Doflamingo has the means to control her so he may enjoy having her on his strings even though it comes at the risk of his personal well being. Even if Baby 5 does go on a rampage we saw that Doflamingo has a fully capable crew that can deal with her.

This scene at Dressrosa reminds me of the scene where Kuma and Moria first met at Thriller Bark. It gives you the ominous feeling that this will affect the nearby future. I bet we will get too excited adn forget about this scene as the arc progress and won't see Baby 5 and Buffalo until the end of the arc. Then we will all be left amazed at what they do. All of this just because we put this scene in the back of our minds.

The last few things I want to focus on are the kids and Chopper. What has Caesar done to them that forced Chopper to use a Rumble Ball? If you take a look at the last page, you can see Chopper is bleeding from his head. It is hard to tell if he is in control of the form as well. This would make it similar to prior the time skip when Chopper would lose control of his forms after eating two Rumble Balls right after another. These kids are not to be taken lightly especially if they forced Chopper into doing this.

Then the biggest reveal is the possibility that the dragons are actually the kidnapped children. This is eerily familiar to what you can find in the early part of Fullmetal Alchemist. Not much can be said on this topic but if it is true then this arc will be taking a much darker tone.

There is also the fact that the Straw Hats may have actually beat up an innocent kid when fighting that dragon.

A lot of things happen in this chapter and all over the world. It also made the chapter feel as if it was much shorter then the normal chapter. To make matters worst, there is no chapter this week. So the  major revelation about the Dragons and the experimented kids won't get resolved until two weeks after this chapter first appeared. That was a pretty major reveal that could affect many things involving the Straw Hats' and their friends.

Now I can go back to playing Pokemon Black 2. Until next time true believer!