Saturday, October 27, 2012

Manga: Chapter 683 (SPOILERS!)

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Continuing from last week, one of the captured children revealed to a guard that Momonosuke (Kinemon's son) had sneaked into the "Secret Room" and had turned into a dragon. She's worried that he isn't eating, but the guards ensure that he's fine and tell her to keep the incident to herself. In Block C of the lab, Luffy is encased in a ten-layered snow hut by Monet. Luffy is confident that he'll break through but Monet grabs Luffy so she can weaken him with her ability. This nearly works but Luffy breaks a hole through the floor by using Gum Gum Jet Spear...and promptly falls down into the basement full of garbage. Oh Luffy, you still have a lot to learn.
See you next FALL!...I'll go hit myself

In Block B, Chopper enters Monster Point to try and prevent the giant children from entering the Biscuit Room. This isn't successful because he doesn't want to hurt them. This then leads to Chopper getting beaten up by the berserk kids. The time on his Rumble Ball effect runs out and all hope seems lost, but Nami and her group come to the rescue. Robin uses her powers to block the kids from the Biscuit Room but they attack her hands. Chopper reveals that he had befriended a girl called Mocha. She is suppose to protect the candy and convince the other kids to stop, but their addiction overpowers them and Mocha tries to run. Monet arrives and tells Mocha to share the candy.

*Cues Ride of the Valkyries*

Meanwhile in Block D, Trafalgar Law continues his fight against Vergo and uses his Op Op powers to retrieve his heart. But Vergo lands a hit on Law and gets the heart back, even crushing it a little and knocking Law's hat off (oh, so many fangirls who squee'd over seeing Law's hair). Law uses Counter Shock to electrify Vergo but it didn't work. Vergo delivers Joker's message to Law and continues to torture him by squeezing his heart. The chapter ends with Smoker showing up and the two having a quick exchange before preparing to fight.
*puts on sunglasses* Deal with it

This was another good chapter. Theres action from all of the groups within the lab, more well drawn panels and dangers for practically everyone involved. It also felt fast as well which helped the pacing a lot. I don't really have any complaints, except for where the hell Franky is but thats a nitpick.

Hopefully we should get some more insight on Momonosuke being a dragon as well as if he really was the dragon that Kinemon and Brook attacked and possibly killed. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of these fights and more revelations as this arc continues. See you all until the next review!

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