Saturday, October 13, 2012

Missing HOOP: Where the heck is the new episode?

Hello everyone. Some of you have probably been wondering: "Where the heck is the new History Of One Piece?"

It has almost been an entire month since the last episode and that is poor form on my part considering that this used to be a weekly show. October has been the busiest month of my life and it is still not over. I have been working three jobs, planning a movie with several internet personalities and Jon St. John, trying to finish my final semester of college, and juggling three other review shows.

Still, that is no excuse. I need to manage my time a bit better and here is what I have been doing. During two of my jobs, I have a lot of free time to just script and that is what I have done. I have used this time to script the new HOOP and the new Anime Observations on GTO. Both of those scripts are finalized and ready to be recorded on Monday or Wednesday (my only days off). I have started work on another HOOP script that will conclude the Captain Morgan arc and I will post both HOOP videos as a double feature next week.

Again, I apologize for all of this delay and I should be back to a normal schedule once October is over because then I will have only 1 job to worry about. So, next week, two new HOOP releases and Anime Observations. The week after, we move onto the Captain Buggy arc recap which will be covered in only 2 videos (I promise). Thanks again and thank you for watching! -Zenithwillrule

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