Friday, October 5, 2012

One Piece More: Whatever Happen to Mikey?

Whatever happen to One Piece More?

It was taking a break.

Things have been busy and slow in a way. It has been mostly slow. Still, in an attempt to pick things up, we are going to bring back More. What is More you ask? It just a way to talk about random things that may or may not involve One Piece. After all, sometimes we all want one piece more.

What is Princess Jellyfish?
A great series.

Comedy is something that I look for when I am watching a series. I love things that can make me laugh and keep my interest. Princess Jellyfish did that to me. It had everything I like from traps to a touching story.

I have heard about the series from different anime podcasts and wanted to give the show a watch. Fortunate for me, my anime club was showing it this semester. After watching three episodes, I had to buy the series and watch it dub. A sick day later and I found myself finishing this eleven episode series.

It is a cute show that has an opening filled with pop culture references. If you have some time then I recommend that you give Princess Jellyfish a shot. If you have heard people say that this kind of anime isn't made anymore then they are right. Not as after as it should be. It has a bit more mature story that doesn't involve a high school boy meets high school girl with boobs everywhere. It features adults and geeks in a realistic setting. So if you want something different to watch then here is your different.

You play the Pokemon TCG?


Another thing that has been taking up my time is the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You would be surprise at how organize it is. Also, how cheap it is to play compare to other TCGs. I use to collect the cards as a kid but got to start playing a year ago. That is a story you will hear from many other current Pokemon TCG players my age recite. I guess with the card game starting afresh and people having money and transportation, it makes it easier to get into the game.

Currently I am looking forward to the Regional tournament that is happening next weekend. The last time I went to one, I didn't do so well and had to leave early. I am hoping that this time I can do better and stay for the whole thing.

How do you feel about Season 5 and Strong World being picked up?


Season 5 has one of my favorite moments in the series. It also happens to be the only arc that I have not watched in it's entirely. So getting the chance to watch it for the first time as the dub will be a real treat for me.

Strong World is just icing on the cake. That is something else that I have not watched. I was simply waiting for that to be picked up and dubbed. It is going to be fun to see who will be cast as Brook. Funimation is going have to pull out their A-list actors to pull off Brook's spirit which was spotlighted in this movie.

Where are the anime reviews?
On vacation.

Fishman Island is bad. It was bad in the manga and that is carrying over into the anime. The one-chapter-per-episode format isn't working for an arc that dragged it's feet. It even has lackluster villains. If the anime had sped up the pace then maybe it would have been better.

Hopefully this will change for the next arc. I know that Sora and I are excited about it.

I hope you enjoy this little fun format for this More segment. It is something and easy to read. I hope it address some of the things that have been going on site side and hopefully we can have more of these. We do have some good things planned for the future so keep an eye out and keep reading.


  1. Is Princess Jellyfish on Crunchyroll? If so I'll look for it.

    Ah, the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Good times. Some of the best memories I have with my brothers are connected to that game.

    I deffinately can't wait for season 5, it is easily the turning point of the series where it goes from pretty-damn-good to epic-beyond-measure. I have seen the subs and I can say you are in for some of the best animation of the series.

    Likewise for Strongworld. Honestly, I would love it if Funimation casted Brook with an actual Jamaican actor, though I suppose they could just get the guy who plays Grim in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, seing as he already sounds like the part.

    As for Patrick Steinz playing Franky, well all I've heard of his voice so far is from the One Piece Unlimited Adventure game for the Wii, and honestly... it didn't cut it for me. He didn't have enough gusto whenever he said super and he just came out sounding real generic. I'll let it slide that when he performed that, it was years ago, and unlike the rest of the cast, he was not yet aquainted with his character, so I'll wait for the anime before I pass final judgement.

    1. Princess Jellyfish isn't on Crunchyroll but Funimation has the whole series on YouTube. First three episodes are sub and dub. The rest is sub only. I have the DVDs and the dub is pretty good.

      I am getting some good memories of the game right now. I started off playing it using the online game and now moving to more face to face finding people close by to play.

      That is what I say to everybody who is iffy on Patrick Steinz. The other actors have had more time to adopt to their characters. There are clips of J. Micheal Tatum as Eneru and his performance is nothing compare to what he did on the actual show. His work as Eneru is amazing and the game is nothing to judge.

  2. That's a very fair assessment of Fishman Island. For me it came down to 4 things that really made the arc plummet.

    1. Pacing dragged. Like you said.

    2. Fights were foamed in. Apart from a few cool moves the straw hats showed off, having every single Fishman pirate, each with their unique design and skill set, get One-hit-KOed in a single chapter/episode was a huge disappointment.

    3. Lackluster villains. Great designs and unique skill sets (that were sadly underused as I just mentioned), but their motives and methods were complete crap. The whole "chosen by god to crush humans" drive was so embarrassing.

    4. Princess Shirahoshi. GOOD GOD I HATE EVERY FACET OF THIS CHARACTER TO NO END!!! This is easily the worst character Oda has ever created, and please don't get me started on why because you'd probably never hear the end of it. I could write and entire thesis on why her character sucks so badly.

    It's though to be so harsh on the series, because in hindsight, Oda genuinely has done such an amazing job at keeping his work at such high quality for 15 years now. He's not like Kishimoto who is dancing around the quality of his work, constantly taking two ninja leaps forward and one step back. He's definitely not Kubo, who at this point is just grasping for straws (or so I hear from my friends. I don't actually read Bleach myself). Oda is so much higher on the bar than his competitors, that for him to make such a huge slip up this late in the game is a bit disheartening.

    1. To tell the truth, I feel that Oda was really forcing it in with the New Fishman Pirates. Some of them were interesting while others were just boring. Their abilities made no sense are Darama being in flames for that one move. How did he got caught on fire?

      The fight were good but as you said, they were short and just the Straw Hats doing so called cool moves. The worse offenders of this were Usopp and Zoro. I love Usopp but his final attack made no sense. It was all flashy with no meat. What was the point of the plant being a wolf if all it did was a shockwave from the seed? Zoro, all he did was a slashing attack with no name which he always those. I felt like this at first for Sanji because it felt pointless for his whole body to be on fire. The anime redeem him because it just look so cool.

      Being a female character sucked completely in Fishman Island. Nami didn't get a real battle. Robin battle some minor character that everybody forgot about. Shirahoshi was just developed and used bad.

      I always encourage people to be a bit harsh on Oda. The man does great work. I love his work. It just that it does not mean we can give him a free pass. Fishman Island is just an example of his not so great work.

  3. I believe the name of Zoro's final attack was "Purgatory Onigiri" So in essence, just a more powerful version of his signature move we've seen a dozen times. Seriously, the guy was fighting an Octopus with a sword in each tentacle. How could they possibly miss an opportunity like that to show off some real swordplay? It's frustrating.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Oda is NOT a fight choreographer (unlike, say, the creators of Avatar the Last Airbender) and I get that, but even so, Toei Animation in the past has put such a great effort in staging fights around Oda's illustrations. Both Alabasta and Enies Lobby were excellent examples of this. In the manga when I saw how all the fights were rushed in a single chapter, I didn't let it bother me so much because I figured Toei would pick up the slack and elaborate on the fights themselves. If they had given each battle it's own individual episode to play out (or even just half an episode) Not only would it have fleshed out the final climax and the straw hats progress, it would have bought the animation studio time so they wouldn't have to worry about catching up with the manga as quickly. That way they wouldn't have to resort to post-battle filler (which is undoubtedly going to happen) and they could have jumped right into the Punk Hazard arc, thus killing two Fishmen with one Pistol.

    Oh well. I guess it doesn't help pondering now.