Thursday, January 24, 2013

Manga: Chapter 695 (SPOILERS!)


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This week begins with General Franky continuing his fight against Baby 5 and Buffalo. The two try their best but Franky's arsenal is practically unstoppable. Franky then decides to take them out with a much more powerful weapon. What is it? Its the Gaon Cannon but this time, its portable! Franky blasts them away with the powerful laser. He then spots the injured Caesar Clown, but Buffalo and Baby 5 aren't giving up their mission to take back Caesar.

Woman aren't fans of robots apparently

The rest of the Straw Hats, the Marines and the children have finally rode the cart outside. Law spots Baby 5 and Buffalo and warns everyone that they are the enemy. The two seem overwhelmed so they rush over to Caesar to capture him, but Usopp says that he'll stop them. Law tries to take them down himself but Luffy and Zoro assure him that Usopp can handle this.

Law argues that this isn't a game but Nami tells him to have faith in them because they're in an alliance. She proceeds to join Usopp because she has spent too much time running away and wants a piece of the action. Finally, Nami gets some much-needed action time!

I love these two

Usopp uses his Comp Grass to make his slingshot grow into a bigger Kabuto and the grass chews on nearby debris. Buffalo tells Baby 5 to watch his back and suddenly a large egg appears (dubbed the "Weather Egg") and Nami hatches it to create a large storm cloud. Nami uses her Climatact to bring lightning upon the two pirates and Usopp attacks them using the debris he gathered earlier. Both are totally badass.

The now conscious Caesar manages to survive the debris attack due to his gas powers and tries to escape but Usopp cleverly fired a pair of Sea Prism Stone handcuffs along with the debris which catches Caesar around the neck. Hooray! He's been successfully captured! Even Law seems slightly impressed while Luffy smiles on. The chapter ends with a silhouetted man who overslept and is wondering where Punk Hazard is.

You have no idea how satisfied I am right now

This was a surprisingly good chapter. Mainly because Usopp and Nami got some much needed time in the spotlight. I'm particularly pleased that Nami got more but Usopp was awesome too. I also love that Luffy and Zoro trust them enough to allow them to handle the situation  when they probably wouldn't have been able to two years ago. So yeah, great character development!

Of course there is still the matter of handling Caesar now that hes been captured, getting off the island, curing the people of the petrification, hopefully curing Momonosuke, avoiding Doflamingo and finding out who this mysterious man is. Hopefully we'll get some answers as the arc draws to a close but for now, keep warm, keep reading and have a great day.

Some people think this is Mihawk but I dunno. What do you guys think?


  1. So apparently, the only time Usopp and Nami actually step up and fight is when their enemy already has their backs turned and they're on the run. Yeah... doesn't anyone see anything slightly ironic or even hypocritical about that?

    I'm also I bit miffed on who this new shadowy figure is. Mihawk is the easy guess, given what looks like the side edge of this sword, and that we're already aware of his habit of sleeping on his floating raft in the past, but it seems kind of an odd place to put him in the series.

    1. I really love the chapter and thought it was funny that Nami and Usopp were up to fight just because their enemy's backs were turn. I laughed so hard at that.

      Now to put on the serious hat.

      As funny as that moment was, it felt as if the two have not grown since before the timeskip. I know that Usopp is a bit of comic relief but you think he would be confident in his skills when it comes to battle. He has clearly become stronger but doesn't seem to have the confidence to use that strength. Maybe Oda is saving this for later for something that Usopp has to deal with and overcome but currently it feels like Oda doesn't wish to brake the mold.

      The same for Nami as well seeing that none of the women have had real fights since prior to the timeskip. They have had small tussles but nothing of substance. This was actually the most we seen of Nami's new weapon.

      Mihawk has always been in odd places in the series. His first appearance was just random so maybe that is to reflect that. I personally am not taking a guess at who it could be due to the fact that we have had a lot of new characters being introduce and thrown in. It could easily be a new characters it could be Mihawk.

    2. It's odd. So far [in my opinion] the only Straw Hats who appear to have had any significant amount of character development have been Zoro and Robin. Zoro, when he was willing to sacrifice himself as well as his ambitions, to protect his captain at Thriller Bark (as suppose to when he said 3rd episode if Luffy got in the way of, he'd kill him.) Robin obviously had her big epiphany during Enies Lobby, which Oda highlighted really well when she started referring to her crewmates by their actual names instead of their titles.

      The biggest development Usopp has had is that he became slightly more humble and stopped calling himself Captain all the time, which, okay, was welcomed because that joke DID run it's course by the Arlong Arc, but...come on. Usopp has the potential to be the Sokka of this series. Sokka from Avatar was originally intended to be a simple low key comic relief character, but through development, and a strong performance by voice actor Jack Desena, he became the most dynamic character of the main cast. He was consistently smart, resourceful, we saw him grow as a warrior, sure he was nerdy and a bit of a dork, but it was never overdone to the point of being annoying.

      Nami had something interesting going for her this arc with her passion to save the children, but that was less a character development and more just introducing a part of her character she always had but never had an opportunity to bring up yet. Her biggest real development has been in maybe I should just shut up now.

      I guess the main Problem is Oda needs Nami and Usopp to keep their cowardly/pessimistic/nagging mannerisms because without them, there will be nothing left for Luffy's quirkiness to bounce off of.

    3. I almost accidentally deleted your comment. Eyes. What are you doing?

      Some characters have had development but it has all been prior the timeskip. Character development after the timeskip has been very little.

      This development in Nami is nice and all. I like it and I hope to see more of this.

      Yeah. That is the problem. Oda refuses to remove these traits because he needs a straight man/woman to play off Luffy. I kind of think that a new crew member is needed in order to allow Usopp and Nami to grow a bit while the new character takes on the role of Straight Person while Nami and Usopp goes "Welcome to the crew. Get use to it."

  2. yay,i think its mihawk,the shape,its gotta be mihawk

    1. We will have to see. We have seen many new characters so it could be a new one just as much as it could be Mihawk.