Here are a few anime conventions that have been covered by the blog. These posts mostly cover the experience and news that was gather from these conventions. They are fun pieces to read since you can see the impact that One Piece fans have on anime conventions. One Piece fans are becoming more noticeable at conventions due the raising popularity of the anime and manga within the United States and these conventions are proof that the One Piece fandom is growing. So take a look!

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Con Piece: Going KamiKaze Con! (Part 1) (Part 2)
Con Piece: Hanging with the Peeps at Anime Matsuri
Con Piece: The Great AKon Adventure (Part I) (Part II) (Part III)
Con Piece: Escape to OniCon Mountain 
Con Piece: The Anime Matsuri Rodeo Round Up 
Con Piece: Flow with Anime Matsuri