Friday, March 27, 2015

One Piece Theory 103 (With Roger): The Life and Death Conundrum

Welcome back folks. I'm Roger and this is another installment of One Piece Theory. Here I will delve deep into the intricacies of Oda Sensei's Magnum Opus in an attempt to uncover secrets that could shine light on important events to come. Not all these exhibitions are expected to be successful, in fact most of them probably won't be. That is the unpredictable nature of One Piece at work. Despite this, it can't hurt to at least try to understand the future by learning from our past.

So with that in mind, lets put up the SPOILER ALERT, and get this theory started with the question of the day:

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Manga: Chapters 778, 789, 790


Enjoy some pizza and One Piece from Weekly Shonen Jump!

Zoro defeats Pica.

The Tontattas destroy up the SMILE Factory.

Zoro meets up with the group at the top of the Plateau.

Luffy defeats Bellamy.

Law taunts Doflamingo which results in him getting shot.

Luffy arrives to the top of the Royal Palace and attacks Doflamingo.

The Birdcage starts to get smaller.


 Macho Man Pica

I have really dropped the ball on the manga reviews? Well, to make up for that, you will get not one! Not two! But three manga reviews! Triple Manga Review COMBO! Lets go!

This may end up being an unpopular opinion but I wasn't too impressed with Zoro's fight against Pica. Did it took skill to take down such a huge foe and recognize his weak spots? Totally. Is it something we we haven't seen from Zoro before? Not really. You can only be impressed by slashes so much. What I did love was Zoro's observation and planning skills. It took a really good eye to notice that Pica would always escape to the half of his slashed up pieces with the eye still blinking during all the previous chapters. I applaud Zoro for coming up with a plan that literally forced Pica to come out and challenge him.  Zoro is becoming quite a strategist as we saw at the end of Chapter 778.

It was finally nice to see something of what happen during Zoro's two years of training under Mihawk. It looks as if Mihawk had pushed Zoro to learn how to cover his swords with Haki. That is quite intersting. What was even more interesting was what Mihawk told Zoro.

Mihawk knows how to motivate Zoro.

I wonder if that mean that Mihawk always has the blade on his back embedded with Haki. It sounds crazy but that could be an insight on how powerful Mihawk is. I am curious to see what crazy things Zoro will do with his Haki covered swords. Will he be as creative as Luffy with his Haki added attacks?

So the Tontattas get their happily ever after. I wonder if they will do anything else in this arc. Mansherry is still around and she hasn't used her abilities on anybody important. It seems like Oda is saving her ability for something big.

Based on what Trebol said, it sounds as if Mansherry can even "heal" building as well. Dressrosa is in some pretty terrible shape and it isn't going to get better with that Birdcage closing in on the land.

We also have Law who is in horrible shape with his missing arm and two gunshot wounds from Doflamingo.

These two situations are great candidates for Mansherry's healing abilities. Maybe we will see her use her ability on one or both of these cases.

Also to note, it looks like something is going on inside the palace to scare Koala. There looks to be a fight going on as you can somebody yelling "RAHH" in the background. Is this where Burgess has been? Looks like Sabo may have to fight him again.

Now you have to feel bad for Bellamy here. The guy really tried to push Luffy to defeat him and Luffy sure did. If Luffy beating Bellamy looked familiar then that means you remember when Luffy defeated Bellamy back at Monktown with his famous one-hit knockout punch. This time Bellamy got a few more fits on Luffy and we just feel bad for Bellamy.

Bellamy really tried to impress Doflamino even though he knew he was acting a fool. Though I love the line beflow.

"Luffy: You're a man!
Bellamy: Exactly! So you should know to shut up and fight me!"

This makes me think that one reason why Bellamy was doing this was because he is a man. Thus this is what a man does. They do things even though it is pointless. Luffy doesn't think like a man and by his actions, he acts more like a child. The whole reason why Ace and Luffy left their home island at seventeen is because they didn't want to grow up and become men. Luffy surely acts like a kid during most of his journey so based on this line, Should we expect Luffy to avoid growing up until the end of the series? Just some food for thought as we watch Luffy show Bellamy that he can throw a punch. Again.

Finally this leads us into Chapter 790 where Luffy is raging into a fight against Doflamingo. He is pissed and he doesn't like the slight of a  bloody Law on the ground.

It looks as if we are entering the final fight. This will most likely be a fight between who will fall under whose pace. I feel that having Law hurt up is Doflamingo's way to trap Luffy into his pace. That way Luffy will be angry and play right into Doflamingo's plan. If Luffy can avoid that and force Doflamingo to catch up to his pace then Luffy will most likely come out on top. Trebol is an added factor but I feel as if Luffy can overcome that. Though, he will surely be there to help Doflamingo trap Luffy. I can only see that help as a way to stop Luffy from dodging Doflamingo's attacks. This may just force Luffy to go offensive which is something that Luffy has no problem doing.

And Luffy needs to do this quickly because that Birdcage is closing in. Doflamingo is serious about ending this fight as he is shrinking the Birdcage which he has always called a game.

It is two against one and both sides are not gaining an itch. Luffy's attacks are getting blocked while Dolfamingo's are being dodged. There are factors on both sides that could matter. I think the most important one is going to be Law and Corazon. Clearly anything that has to do with Corazon has some sort of effect on Doflamingo. I believe that will be the key for Luffy to overcome Doflamingo. The spirit of Corazon lives on in Law and he won't give up based on his namesake. Then add Luffy into this equation and things will not work out for Doflamingo. The battle has truly begun and the timer has been set. Now lets see what two Will of D namesakes can do against a Celestial Dragon.

Until next time, true believers!