Friday, December 5, 2014

Roger's List: Top 5 Worst Intances of One Piece Filler

Sure. Let's kill time by watching Luffy and Law get in a fist fight for no reason. Why not.

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another addition of Roger's List. 

Fillers, the unavoidable imperfection of any Shonen anime series. We all know the reason for them: if the animators catch up too close to the current manga storyline, they need to create a non canon story that will last a few episodes to buy time for the official story to play out. Sometimes in the case of One Piece, this has resulted in some intriguing sidetracks and a unique take on this world and it's characters. One in particular that comes to mind is the Navarone Arc starring one of the greatest non-canon characters ever, Vice Admiral Johnathan. However other times, specifically the ones we will be discussing today, come off as borderline trolling at best, to downright groan worthy and a complete waste of our time at worst. So let's get this over with. This is Rogers Top 5 Worst Instances of One Piece Filler.