Friday, July 18, 2014

Roger's List: Top 5 Opening Themes of One Piece

What are the best of the BEST? That's what Roger's here to tell you.

Ahoy fellow readers. Roger here. It's been a busy summer so far, but I finally found some cruse time to give you all another list. For those of you out there actually taking some time off this summer, time to kick back, take in the sun, and enjoy some sweet tunes on the best album there is, the One Piece album. How do I know it's the best? Well, because it is quite literally titled "BEST ALBUM." For any other anime series, this would probably be pushing it, but not One Piece.

Let's not sugar code things, this music is amazing. From the opening themes to the ending themes, to the background scores, and even the songs the characters sing in the actual show, the music of One Piece perfectly captures and enriches the heart and spirit of adventure that the anime has brought to it's viewers for the past 15 years. Today we will be focusing strictly on the Opening Themes, the songs that get you pumped and ready to watch some One Piece right from the get go. For many, all 17 of the shows current opening music numbers are amazing songs in and of themselves, but which ones of them are truly the best? I'm here to chime in with my 2 cents berries.

This is Roger's Top 5 Opening Theme's of One Piece.